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Marriage Visa 

In the case of a family of Thai nationals (only parents, spouse (male-female), children, adopted children or children of spouses)

Allowed not more than 1 year at a time.

(1) An alien must have a visa Temporary

(2) have evidence showing relationships

(3) In the case of spouses, they must have both relationships De jure and de facto or

(4) In the case of a child, adopted child, or children of a spouse requesting to be under patronage, the adopted child or children of that spouse must not be married. And live as As for the household And must not be older than 20 years of age or                  (5) in the case of father or mother Father or mother Must be aged 50 years or older.                      (6) In the case of marrying one or both Thai women combined, the average annual income must not be less than 40, 000 baht per month, unless the foreigner has traveled in Came to the kingdom before this command Enter into force And allowed to stay in Kingdom in case of marriage with a Thai woman Continuously If there is no income as specified above, then there must be at least one bank account in Thailand in the name of one or both of them, not less than 400, 000 baht, showing the last 3 months' deposit account.

Work visa (NON-B)

Criteria for requesting or requesting to change categories

Work visa (NON-B) - or change visa

(1) Foreigners must have at least 21 days of visa left.

(2) Foreigners must have a tourist visa. Or people passing through the city

(3) The company must have a paid-up registered capital of not less than 2 million baht.

(4) The company must have a total ownership of not less than 1 million baht.

(5) The company must have income not less than the amount that will be paid to foreigners.

(6) The company must have a ratio Alien number With 1 to 4 Thai employees

Retirement Visa

(1) Be over 50 years old.                                (2) Tourist visa to enter Thailand.                      (3) Passport is valid for more than 18 months.          (4) Thai bank deposits of 800,000 baht for 2 months.  (5) Physical examination.                                (6) No crime certificate

Work Permit

(1) A copy of passport valid not less than 6 Months     ( Please use a scanner and scan us every page including the cover)
(2) Recent photo as JPEG formal look with white background (cannot show the teeth)
(3) Copies of Education Certificates – Official Translation is needed if it’s not in English version
(4) Employment certificates from current or previous company requiring a minimum of 2 -5 years of relevant work experience
(5) CV/ Resume


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